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Author Guidelines


The research articles are published in Ukrainian, Russian or English.

Submissions may take place
1. online through
2. via email sent to

The article is supplemented by author’s biography for each author of the article containing the
following information:
1) author’s last name, first name, patronymic (middle) name;
2) scientific degree, academic rank, title (affiliation);
3) each author’s profile in ORCID;
4) address;
5) telephones (mobile and office);
6) e-mail address;
7) name of the section matching the subject matter of the article.

In case of multiple authors, the contact information of one author should be given to handle all the corresponce.

The article is attached with the statement by the Expert Committee on publication the article in Ukrainian mass media. The editorial board kindly asks the authors submitting their articles to comply with general manuscript organization guidelines:
Please use the email address
to send the following:
manuscript of the article (the text with pictures and tables/charts) as .doc or .docx file. As a file name, please use the last name of the first author in Latin letters. For example, Hertz_1.doc (the first author is Hertz);
layout of the article with pictures and tables included in .
pdf format. As a file name, please use the last name of the first author in Latin letters. For example, Hertz.pdf;
illustrations as separate files in color (for online versions) and black and white (for print version) in
.jpg format. As a file name, please use the last name of the first author in Latin letters. For example, Hertz_fig1.jpg (the first author is Hertz, Figure 1).

Articles are minimum 5 and maximum 12 pages long in typed text.
Articles failing to comply with these guidelines will not be processed for review. 
Articles are edited and reviewed by two independent reviewers - leading experts in relevant branches of biological science.



Affiliated institution
Institution address, email


Abstract in Ukrainian
Key words (maximum 10)

Main body
(Articles of an experimental nature should contact: Introduction. Material and methods of research. Research findings and their discussion. Conclusions.)

List of references
Extended summary (2500-3000 characters) in English. The summary should contain author (s) last name, affiliated institution, the title of the article, the text of summary and key words.

The text is typed with 1.5 interval without hyphenation, the font size is 14, Times New Roman in the MS Word editor. Indent of the paragraph is 1.25 cm. Margins: 2.5 cm left, 2.0 cm top and bottom, 1.5 cm to the left. All special characters, as well as letters of the Greek and other alphabets, must be clearly typed with the matching character on the keyboard.
Figures and text tables should be numbered in Arabic numerals. At first mention, they should be abbreviated: fig. 1, tab. 1 etc. If there are no other figures or tables, then the full words (table), (figure) are to be written in the text.
The Latin names of taxonomic units are given as the latest versions (this does not apply to the nature of taxonomic boundaries). Full Latin names of species and authors’ last names should be given only once at the first mention, followed by a shortened version, e,g,:

A typical species for this group is Fragaria vesca L. F. vesca may occur ... etc.

References in the text are to be given in square brackets. For example, [1]. The list of literature (References) is in the order of citation in English. The list of literature should conform with reference style adopted by DSTU 8302: 2015 and in accord with the order of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine No. 40 dated January 12, 2017. For references to Ukrainian or Russian sources, authors’ last names and publication titles should be ordered according to the English version of the summary or the content of the source publication.
If English-language bibliographic data are missing, authors' last names and publication title should be transliterated to Latin script following the standard of the US Library of Congress, and the title should be translated into English. For transliteration you can use the Internet service at the link Also, in case of references to the Ukrainian or Russian-language sources, the link in the Latin script, should be followed by the mention of the source language given in square brackets (for example [in Ukrainian]) and, through slash, to provide an additional reference in the
original language. Publications with
DOI identifier must provide its number at the end of the link.

The black-and-white images (grayscale mode) should be included in the text of the article as well as separate .jpg files with a resolution of 200-400 dpi. In addition, authors may also file color images for publication in an electronic version of the collection. Font for caption of illustrations is Times New
Roman, 12 pt. Captions
are not included in the illustrations. The width of the drawing should be up to 80 mm (one column of text) or up to 180 mm (two columns of text); height with regard to the text of the caption - no more than 234 mm.
Following the reviewing of the manuscripts by the editorial board, the contributing authors will be emailed about the status of their publications.