O. I. Beridze, І. О. Kovalchuk


The article highlights the findings of the study of the classification of species of the genus Clematis, the history of the study and some aspects of their introduction into the Kremenets Botanical Garden. The object of the study was the introduced species of the genus Clematis. Analysis of bioecomorphs of introducers, and the biometric indicators of morphological observations of plants. The word «Clematis» came into Latin terminology from the ancient Greek word «Clema» meaning tendril. Dioscorides first mentions this term when describing twisted plants. The generic name was first used by K. Linnaeus in «Species plantarum». Lominos have been cultivated in European gardens for over 400 years. Species of the genus Clematis are found in 28 of the 34 floristic regions around the globe. The life forms of plants are very diverse (from semi-shrubs to woody vines). These plants retain their decorative qualities until late autumn and form, especially when planted on the lawn, bright spots of various colors, and, therefore, have a decorative effect, decorative leaves and flowers, and even seeds, during the growth season give rapid shoot growth. In the Kremenets region, this culture is little known, as the range of species, as well as their bioecological features in different areas of introduction are poorly studied. Clematis has long been used in ornamental horticulture, while in the landscaping of cities Clematis is not used and is most common in the gardens of amateur gardeners. The growing season during the introduction test is 187-238 days. The studied species bloom for up to 85 days and some species have repeated flowering. The beginning and duration of the phases of growth and flowering differ significantly for different species and varieties of Clematis and depend on biological characteristics, geographical origin, as well as agricultural techniques. It is usually propagated by seeds and vegetatively - by layering, dividing the bush, cuttings or grafting, seeds are often propagated species with small flowers; their seeds germinate fast in spring. For species with large seeds, the germination period is extended by 80 (500) days.


Clematis; Kremenets Botanical Garden; introduction; section; clematis; cultivation; vegetation; plant


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