О. Yu. Маiorova, N. M. Yurkevych, M. Z. Prokopiak


The development of the nature reserve fund of Ternopil region over the last 30 years has been analyzed and the current situation has been assessed. A significant increase in the number (by 236 units) of protected areas and an insignificant increase of area of the nature reserve fund (by 21.34 kha) have been showed. There are 643 objects in the nature reserve fund of Ternopil region (January 1, 2020). The nature reserve fund of this region includes all categories of protected areas except for biosphere reserves. The nature reserve fund of Ternopil region is able to ensure rational and effective reproduction and preservation of landscapes, unique natural objects, valuable and rare species of flora and fauna. The problems in the formation of the nature reserve fund of this region have been identified. There are such problems as low percentages of nature reserves and strict nature reserves; high insularization index, low degree of landscape representativeness; unregulated and unauthorized anthropogenic activities. The measures of effective functioning of the protected areas network has been suggested. The action points include such measures as an increase of the area of the nature reserve fund of Ternopil region to the average level in Europe (15 %); increasing the area of ecologically unstable areas to 50 ha; creating the conditions necessary for the preservation, restoration and balanced use of protected areas; reducing the anthropogenic load on protected objects; raising public awareness of tourist and educational services provided by protected areas.


nature reserve object; nature reserve fund; Ternopil region


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